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Stop It Loser by OFIXD

Welcome!!! :D

Hey!!! Here you have my rules for art trade 

You should remember that...
1. For now I am only drawing about TD and Ed, Edd and Eddy. I can draw other shows if I can draw them in my style (which is fabulous :P)
2. I will NEVER draw incest (Chet x Lorenzo is not incest in my opinion).
3. I am not against mature content but I won't draw weird things like abortion fetish.
4. For TD fans: I will NEVER draw anything Justin x (anyone who's not Beth) or anti-Beth.
5. If you want to trade art with me you should ALWAYS publish your drawing for me to publish mine. If you don't publish yours you won't see the one I made.
6. If you want a fabulous drawing give me a fabulous drawing.
7. I always work hard in my drawings so I would appreciate it if you do the same.
8. I do not draw characters with bigger boobs. I draw them with the body they have.
9. Won't draw racist stuff.
10. Won't draw something against my ideology.
11. I can draw couples that I don't like (except the ones I said before) so ask for them anyways :)
12. Not homophobe or heterophobe art
13. If you don't like your drawing I can try for a second time or, in case it is a commision, you can have your points back. If I draw it for a second time and you still don't like it I won't do it again (I hope this never happens though)

:bulletpink: 20 points for a character.
:bulletpink: 25 for a couple.
:bulletpink: 35 for 3 characters or more.
:bulletyellow: If it has mature content (sex themes, don't care about violence) you gotta pay the usual price +10 additional points.
:bulletred: I can draw OCs but for the usual price +5 additional points.

I Wanna Be Famous Stamp by ccsmilesI Wanna Be Famous Stamp by ccsmilesI Wanna Be Famous Stamp by ccsmilesI Wanna Be Famous Stamp by ccsmilesI Wanna Be Famous Stamp by ccsmilesI Wanna Be Famous Stamp by ccsmiles

Team Beth by skull1045fox X Team Justin by skull1045fox

Team Eva by skull1045fox Team Ezekiel by skull1045foxTeam Heather by skull1045fox Team Harold by skull1045fox Team Alejandro by skull1045fox Team Noah by skull1045fox Team Lindsay by skull1045fox Team Sierra by skull1045fox Team Izzy by skull1045fox Team Lightning by skull1045foxTeam Brick by skull1045fox Team Jo by skull1045fox

anti-Heterophobia stamp by pallottili Good luck with that by Ramen27 : Pro-Choice is NOT... : stamp by Tibb-Wolf Not a MS For Being Female. by In-The-Zone hey crazy vegans by BaconMagic body shaming :request: by BaconMagic Rant: I'm Sir-Swears-A-Fuckin-Lot by Fragdog Seriously Ladies by Foedus-Stamps Rant: Black Comedy by Fragdog Rant: No Holidays by Fragdog I ain't by No-Regrets-Here Stamp - COMMENT PLZ wut by supertimer I'd Love to See You Do it by NummyPixels Public feeding by XxchantellexX People aren't forced to like children, you know. by Love-Murder Don't tell me to calm down stamp by UnassumingLocalLady Toxic Relationships= Total Chaos by UnassumingLocalLady Afraid of relationships stamp by UnassumingLocalLady And Damn, proud too! by GoddessCureMystic Bad company by GoddessCureMystic Tolerance by GoddessCureMystic Bibliophile by themysticenigma I don't do dating sites stamp by UnassumingLocalLady Life has us all screwed over by GoddessCureMystic Mean Girls Stamp by LadyOfManyArtForms Boo, you whore. by Lor-Ambar Why would it be? by OurHandOfSorrow I'm on Team E-Scope Stamp by GabbyStamps Anti-Me Stamp by GabbyStamps HxH Stamp by GabbyStamps Wut by OverusedCupcakes <3




N. 1: Blandflame

N. 2: Alixflame

N. 3: Mermflame

Originally this pokemon had no evolution and humans used to have and use Blandflames as lanterns, however the Blandflames got sick of being used by humans, started hating on them and somehow (unknown) became poisonous if they touched you with their only foot that, in fact, looks like a bunch of teeth but it is not. Being free from humans and poisonous made them get more powerful than ever, wich finally made them evolve into a new and more powerful pokemon: Alixflame. Alixflame doesn't hide from humans but attacks them and also has little patience for other pokemon. Alixflame enjoys fooling people into believeing that they are kind only to inject in the victim's body a burning poison that has the power to paralize the victim. Alixflame evolves into a Mermflame, however it is unknown how many Mermflames exist since while Blandflames and Alixflames remain together, Merflames prefer to be alone. They are not as aggressive as you might think, however I wouldn't stay there to see what happens if you bother them.

N. 1: Blandflame: Blanflame is only a threat if you scare them, and they are pretty easy to scare. They are like floating flames and they can use fire attacks, however their small teeth-like foot is poisonous and it causes second degree burnings if it touches you.

N. 2: Alixflame is aware of its cuteness, wich uses to fool people or pokemon. Once it has them where they want Alixflame will use their small yet powerful nails to inject a burning poison into the victim's organism that paralizes them. Alixflame has the apareance or a bird but it is more like a floating flame and it obviously can use fire attacks.

N. 3: Mermflame has a powerful arm to attack their victims with the nails (just like Blandflames and Alixflames) but also two extremely poisonous claws and a mermaid like tail that could burn you into cinders. They obviously float too.
I know that I am not the best friend of the world but I do my best and I will no longer allow in my life people unable to see that :)
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  • Eating: Sushi
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